The History of Fire-Dex


Fire-Dex was formed after A Best Products Co. purchased Morgan Protection Apparel in Rome, GA in 1983. Since the primary business was manufacturing welding and firefighting gloves with good dexterity, the name “Fire-Dex” was an obvious choice.

Fire-Dex strategically grew by adding more accessory items such as fire hoods and suspenders and then began manufacturing structural turnout gear in 1987. Expansion continued in the following years, adding ParaDex EMS and USAR Gear. In September of 2008 Fire-Dex acquired the Chieftain brand, bringing with it a long history in the fire industry, dating back to 1927.

Fire-Dex entered the firefighting footwear market in 2010 when they launched their first structural firefighting boot, the FDXL-100 Red Leather Boot.

Finally, TECGEN® PPE became a Fire-Dex brand in September of 2015.

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International Firefighters' Day, May 4th

Fire-Dex Recognizes International Firefighters' Day

On December 2, 1998, tragedy struck the town of Linton, Australia. The town’s fire department had been fighting a large bushfire that was quickly burning through private and public land. Late in the day, two firefighting crews were called upon for assistance. As the crews and their apparatus entered the hot zone, the winds shifted direction and engulfed the entire team of five volunteer firefighters.

Soon after the incident, an Australian firefighter named J.J. Edmonson began laying the groundwork for the International Firefighters’ Day. The response to the idea was overwhelmingly positive, and the international fire community quickly came together to help coordinate the event.

May 4th was chosen as the day for International Firefighters’ Day, given its significance in Europe as the “Day of Fire Service”, as well as the feast day for patron saint of firefighters, Saint Florian. The symbol chosen was the red and blue ribbon. Edmonson chose these colors to represent the elements that firefighters work with: red for fire and blue for water.

This May 4th, join in with Fire-Dex and firefighters worldwide in honoring International Firefighters’ Day. Participants are asked to proudly display their red and blue ribbons or to participate in a memorial event, showing gratitude to the firefighters everywhere who dedicate their lives to protecting us all.

To learn more about International Firefighters’ Day, visit the official IFFD website.

US Firefighter Injury Statistics

Fire-Dex and AEC Fire & Safety Offer Advanced Materials Seminar


Fire-Dex, in conjunction with AEC Fire-Safety, is sponsoring an informational seminar on Advanced Materials set for November 13th at 5:30pm-9:30pm at Warrensburg Fire Protection District 420 E. Main St. Warrensburg, Illinois. This informational seminar will cover timely topics such as:

  1. Blood-borne pathogen barriers in turnout gear.
  2. How to extend the life of turnout gear with proper cleaning and care.
  3. How to choose the right materials to give you the right amount of protection and breathability.

Guest speakers:

  • Kirk Owen, End Use Marketing Manager from TenCate:  Kirk is the former Chairman of the NFPA Technical Committee on Structural and Proximity Fire Fighting Clothing and Equipment, Assistant Chief at Plano FD in Texas.  He will discuss the performance characteristics of outer shells and thermal barriers, and their effect on TPP, THL and the overall performance of the composite.
  • Brian Barton, Division Manager – Protective Clothing from Stedfast.  Brian’s presentation will concern moisture barriers:  how they work; how they are constructed, and what are best compilations for Stedair 3000, 4000 and Gold.
  • Andrew Oliver, President of Gear Wash, a third party Verified ISP company providing turnout gear care and maintenance services.

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A Touching Tribute to Wildland Firefighters

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation partnered with the National Interagency Fire Center to create the Wildland Firefighter Monument. They were looking for a permanent, memorable way to honor the 14 firefighters who lost their lives during the 1994 South Canyon Fire. The official dedication ceremony was held May 25, 2000.

The Monument, located on the National Fire Interagency Center base (NIFC), consists of three eight-foot bronze firefighters who stand in silent acknowledgement of the hard-working men and women on the fireline. A team of volunteers constructed a waterfall to showcase native rock gathered from a local quarry.

Granite stones with personal inscriptions line the Monument walkways and encircle its perimeter to commemorate members and supporters of the wildland firefighting community. These markers are authorized and placed twice a year at the request of individuals by the National Interagency Fire Center and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

The Monument is meant to be enjoyed by all walks of life. Visiting the Monument will provide a sense of peace and tranquility as visitors take in the sites, smells and sounds of the natural wildlands. Have you had a chance to visit the monument?

Photo Credit:  The Wildland Foundation Facebook Page