Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I purchase Fire-Dex Products?

A: We have many distributors throughout the world.  Go to Find a Distributor and we will get back to you shortly with your nearest distributor.


Q: I would like to become a Fire Dex distributor. Who should I contact?

A: Please contact the Regional Sales Manager that handles your area.  Our RSMs are listed on our Meet the Team page, which includes the states which they cover.


Q: What is Fire-Dex's Turnout Gear Warranty Policy?

A: Fire-Dex, LLC warrants its protective clothing products to be free from defects in workmanship for the serviceable life of the products when used by appropriately trained personnel following proper fire fighting procedures and when the product’s warning, use and care instructions are followed. Some fabrics and materials Fire-Dex uses have warranties provided by the material manufacturers including, but not limited to W.L. Gore and Stedfast. Please refer to those warranties prior filing a warranty claim with Fire-Dex. Any material warranty claims will be handled through the material manufacturer.

Inasmuch as Fire-Dex has no control over the manner or way in which our product is used after it leaves our plant, Fire-Dex, cannot be responsible by warranty or otherwise, for results or effect of its use. Each user should make their own tests (preferably by a qualified safety engineer) to determine the suitability of our product for his particular application.


Q: How do I make a return?

A: Please contact the Distributor with which you made your purchase.  Like all purchases, all returns also go through our Distributors. 


Q: How do I clean my gear?

A:  We offer free NFPA 1851 Trainings to walk you through cleaning your gear. Begin by taking our brief Routine Gear Cleaning and Routine Gear Inspection trainings.  These will give you the basics on maintaining your gear.  If you're in need of more than just a spot cleaning, you will also then want to take our Advance Gear Cleaning training.

PLEASE KEEP YOUR GEAR CLEAN!  Learn more about carcinogens, toxins, and harmful particulates that cling to gear after structure fires.

Here's a really great article that will hopefully further convince you why you need to keep your gear clean! Carolina Fire Journal: A Case for Clean Turnout Gear by John Gary


Q: How long is my turnout gear good for?

A: According to NFPA standards, turnout gear should be replaced at least every 10 years... but that's only if the gear doesn't see a lot of action.  Please keep yourself safe!  Inspect your gear after EVERY use to make sure nothing will compromise your safety the next time you wear it.  Turnout gear is made from fabrics, not titanium, so it will get damaged by high heat and will eventually break down from daily use, washings, and UV exposure as well.  Damage may not always be visible to the naked eye, so please make sure you know how to properly inspect your gear; visit our NFPA 1851 Trainings and start by taking the Routine Gear Inspection Training.  Again, please keep yourself safe... your family will thank you for it!


Q: What kinds of testing do Fire-Dex products go through?

A:  All products that are certified NFPA-compliant must go through rigorous testing in order to be certified.  To learn more about NFPA standards and the tests our products must pass to become certified, visit our NFPA Performance Requirements page.


Q: I'm looking to get a 2nd set of gear to wear on all the calls that aren't structure fires, but there's a lot to choose from.  How do I determine which kind is best, or which NFPA standard it should be made to?

A: There are 3 main categories of "Function-Specific PPE" as defined by their NFPA standards; Wildland (NFPA 1977), EMS (1999), and Search & Rescue (1951).  Then there is also "dual-certified" gear! To make this decision much easier, we created a Comparison Chart which shows each standard's requirements side-by-side.  


Q: What is PCA?

A: PCA stands for Polymer Coated Aramid, which Fire-Dex uses as a reinforcement in high-wear areas of our garments.  Aramid is an incredibly strong and heat resistant fiber.  The most popular brand names of aramid fibers are Nomex®, which is a meta-aramid, and Kevlar®, which is a para-aramid.  The polymers used to coat the aramid are water resistant, very durable, and do not melt at high temperatures.

A #2: PCA can also stand for Producer Colored Aramid where the fiber of the fabric is dyed before the fabric is woven.  Dyeing the fiber can provide longer lasting color stability.


Q: How do I get signed up for Giveaways?

A: Scroll down and enter your email address at the bottom of the page for notifications about our upcoming giveaways.  Follow us on Facebook too and you'll see how to enter in to our monthly boot giveaway!