Think about a typical fire call.

You throw on your structural turnouts, rush to the scene and take every action necessary to rescue those in need. 

Now think about your return trip to the station.

You restock the truck, jump in the cab and immediately get toned out to another emergency.

Did you stop to think about the contaminants on your gear and where they spread throughout your journey?

Though firefighting is a rewarding profession, recent studies have unveiled the true dangers firefighters face in their line of duty.  Reports published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reveal daunting statistics about job-related exposures and the probability of firefighters developing a chronic illness, such as cancer or heart disease. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed this concern with a study that concluded firefighters are 9% more likely than the general public to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and face a 14% increase in cancer-related deaths. 

Job-related exposure to carcinogens is a reality, so what is the solution?



Since toxins in smoke can be easily absorbed into skin and heavy turnouts can increase heat stress, it is important to wear gear that works for you-not against you! Fire-Dex has an entire product development team dedicated to protecting you, head-to-toe, from immediate and long-term occupational dangers such as fireground carcinogens and overexertion.

The Interceptor Package™ combines 3 products to combat the elements & keep you safe

Maximize your protection with TECGEN71, the best balance of Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) and Total Heat Loss (THL) in the history of turnout gear.


After 250 combined miles of racing in FXR Turnouts with TECGEN71, Ed Lyell states, "As you can see from what I have been able to accomplish, the gear is the reason I could do it. [TECGEN71] will allow you to work harder and longer without the same stresses on the body as other gear”.

-Ed Lyell, Long-time Federal Firefighter/Paramedic for the National Park Service and the Department of Defense.

"I’m overly impressed with not only how light weight this gear is, but the shear dexterity it gives you. This gear has been through 20+ burns and it still not only has held up but the knee pads are almost in the same shape as when they cane out of the box. I could talk about how dry and moisture wicking it is all day. I have been in almost every manufacturers gear on the market, but you guys have knocked it out of the park! As a chief officer in my department we won’t be purchasing anything else in the future. And thank you to Todd Herring for the wear test set!"

-Richard Shirk, Lead Fire Service Instructor at Florida Gateway College

"I wore this gear during a big oil and gas burn that we do [at Wayne County Fire School] a few times a year. There were several of us right up next to the hottest fire that we have here and you couldn't feel any heat at all come through this gear. This TECGEN71 worked really well for that."

-Dallas B. Terrell, Director and Instructor at Wayne County Regional Training Facility discussing his experience with FXR & TECGEN71

"I have used my TECGEN51 gear all over the world teaching firefighting and tech rescue classes. Back home in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, I wear it for everything other than structure fires and hazmat. I wear it for tech rescue, swift water rescues and wildfires (including during the largest wildland fire in the nation, the Mustang Complex Fire). I have beaten it to death, and it comes back for more. Anywhere that you don't need the thermal barrier protection of traditional turnout gear (and hazmat situations) is where TECGEN51 shines."

- Carl Haddon, Director, Five Star Fire Training/On Scene Training Associates