FXA Proximity

FXA Proximity Gear for Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) is available in 7.0oz or 10.0oz aluminized outer shell and has completely customizable features and options. 

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Product Features

FXA Proximity is fully customizable and is built to order. You can create your own custom set in FireWriter2 and choose from all of the features and options that are available for NFPA 1971 Proximity-rated turnout gear.

The FXA pattern of gear, formerly known as Assault, is a classic standard in turnout gear and has been protecting firefighters for decades.


Custom Coat Length

Fire-Dex Collar

Thermal and moisture barriers continue through the very top of the collar and provides full protection without needing a throat strap.

DexFlex™ Back

Expansion pleat gives greater range of motion without restriction. (Optional)

DexFlex™ Elbows

Added pleats shape the sleeve to the natural bend of the arm and provides unrestricted arm movement. (Optional)

Regular & Low Rise Pant

3", 6", or No Rear Bib

DexFlex™ Knee

Pre-bent leg design reduces restriction when crawling, climbing or kneeling. (Optional)

DexCuff™ Reverse Tapered Cuffs

Cuff is tapered up in the back to minimize wear and tear from touching the ground. (Optional)

Material Selection Guide

Fire-Dex Proximity Turnout Gear is customizable and can be made from any of the turnout materials listed below.  Visit FireWriter2 for details on UL approved material combinations. 

Outer Shell

Z-Flex Silver™

7.0oz Z-Flex® Silver™ from Newtex with PBI® fibers
  • 7.0oz Z-Flex® Silver

Gentex® 1091 with Dual Mirror®

10.0oz Para Aramid Twill, 1091 from Gentex® with Dual Mirror® Aluminized Fabric face coating
  • 10.0oz Aluminized

Thermal Liners

  • Q-8™

    Face Cloth : Meta-aramid, FR modacrylic (spun)

    Batting : Aramid, FR rayon, needle-punch, non-woven, reprocessed batt

    Total Weight : 8.0 oz/yd


    Face Cloth : 3.25oz 100% NOMEX®

    Batting : Aramid, needle-punch

    Total Weight : 7.25 oz/yd2

  • Caldura® NPi

    Face Cloth : KEVLAR® filament yarn with LENZING FR®/KEVLAR®/Nylon spun yarn, twill weave

    Batting : 50% KEVLAR®, 50% NOMEX® fiber blend, needle-punch

    Total Weight : 7.7 oz/yd2

Moisture Barriers

  • STEDAIR® 3000

    Substrate : NOMEX® non-woven spun lace

    Film : Bi-component ePTFE membrane

    Total Weight : 5.2 oz/yd2


    Substrate : NOMEX® fabric woven from spun fibers (pajama check)

    Film : Enhanced bi-component ePTFE membrane

    Total Weight : 4.7 oz/yd2

Fire-Dex Construction

Quality construction is the key to superior garments! From pattern design to manufacturing and sewing methods, from seam construction to testing and inspections, Fire-Dex goes the extra mile to ensure you have the highest quality garment possible. 

Fire-Dex also offers multiple Pattern Options to meet every body shape, in addition to all coat length, sleeve lengths, and inseams being completely custom.

We proudly offer Women's Patterns in all 3 of our Custom Turnout models (FXR, FXA, and FXM), with an added hip measurement for women's' pants, and coat gussets to accommodate women with a hip measurement more than 6" greater than their waist.  

We also offer coat gussets to widen the bottom of the coat for those who have a larger waist measurement than chest.

Below are just some of the things that show the Fire-Dex commitment to quality and what we believe set us apart from our competition:

Double Lock Stitching

Fire-Dex uses lock stitching on all major seams, cuffs, and reinforcements, with 4 rows of lock stitch on all reflective trim and hook & loop closure material.

Deep Water Wells

Deep sleeve water wells provide a natural glove/sleeve interface, keeping water out of the inside of sleeves.

Superior Pockets

All Bellows Pockets are reinforced with Kevlar® for the best cut resistance. All Radio Pockets are fully lined with moisture barrier, including the pocket flap. All pocket flaps are extra long to ensure complete closure, no matter the bulk inside.

Liner Tabs

Liner retention snap tabs come standard on all Fire-Dex coats to prevent "liner creep-up". Our standard liner tabs at the pant cuff are placed at the front and back to avoid wear between legs.

Detailed & Documented Moisture Barrier Seam Testing

We are partnered with both Moisture Barrier suppliers, W.L. Gore and Stedfast, and established a controlled environment for the most effective seam sealing. Every 10th garment is tested!

Hook & D Rivets

Always reinforced with a leather backing.

Moisture & Thermal Sewn Together

Prevents debris from entering between the layers and causing damaging abrasion to the moisture barrier. Inspection Ports can be added to any Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Coat or Pant.

Continuous Inspections Throughout Construction

Seventeen (17) inspection points throughout the process. Each team has an inspection station with electronic access to all specifications and work instructions.

Extra Thermal in High Compression Areas

Additional thermal protection is sewn to all high compression areas, such as knees, elbows, and shoulders, standard.

Custom Turnout Options

Fire-Dex's fire fighter gear is fully customizable to fit every fireman & firewoman with design styles to suit each body shape.




FireDex Options - Hand Pockets & Bellow Pockets

Hand Pockets & Bellow Pockets

Radio Pockets

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Utility & Accessory Pockets

Hooks, Clips & Straps

Thermal Enhancements

FireDex Options - Patches and Labels

Patches & Labels


Lettering Patches

FireDex Options - Sleeve and Leg

Sleeve & Leg Options

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