Gear Designed with Your Health in Mind

Fire-Dex recognizes firefighting is an inherently dangerous activity. Adding to that danger, the physical exertion and endorphins released on the job take their toll on the body, specifically the cardiovascular system. The PPE designed to protect the firefighter can add to the physical stress and fatigue. That is why Fire-Dex engineers solutions to reduce weight and increase mobility in our structural gear, and why we offer function-specific PPE matched to the response profile of a fire department. It is our mission to create safer PPE solutions fire fighters. 

There is yet another danger lurking behind the flames - cancer-causing toxins and smoke particulate. Fire-Dex has taken a leadership position by designing innovative PPE solutions to combat this epidemic. Additionally, Fire-Dex is committed to increasing awareness and educating departments on NFPA 1851 Selection, Care and Maintenance standards to help reduce exposure.

Fire-Dex has also been a leader in Personal Escape System innovations, with our original Internal Pant Harness (IPH) earning the Award of Excellence for Best Life Safety Innovation by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment. Since then, we have designed emergency bailout system options to work with any industry descender and Class II harness. We are in the final stages of completing our next generation of IPH design. Click on the Emergency Egress section below to learn more.

We're Fighting For Your Health

Our Innovations

Visit the sections below to learn more about Fire-Dex's "Gear Designed with Your Health in Mind" - our advancements in turnout technology and our innovations that are influencing the entire industry.

Cardio Stress & Fatigue

Learn how Fire-Dex function-specific PPE and best designs can reduce cardiovascular stress & fatigue

Carcinogen Exposure

See our innovative design solutions and products that minimize exposure to carcinogens and harmful particulates

Emergency Egress

Find out more about the low-profile bailout solutions Fire-Dex has to offer and what we're working on next