"I have used my TECGEN® gear all over the world teaching firefighting and tech rescue classes. Back home in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, I wear it for everything other than structure fires and hazmat. I wear it for tech rescue, swift water rescues and wildfires (including during the largest wildland fire in the nation, the Mustang Complex Fire). I have beaten it to death, and it comes back for more. Anywhere that you don't need the thermal barrier protection of traditional turnout gear (and hazmat situations) is where TECGEN® PPE shines."
- Carl Haddon, Director, Five Star Fire Training/On Scene Training Associates

"TECGEN® gear works in the technical rescue environment. The lightweight design is great for hot days when breathability and flexibility are key to performance.  Many preach firefighter health and safety, but TECGEN® has pushed the topic to the forefront by reducing firefighter core temperatures on non-structural fire scenes."
- Paul Hasenmeier, First Due Tackle and Columbia Southern Faculty (Fire and Emergency Services)


"Where do I start? Comfort, breathability, quick drying, price, protection to name a few."
- Michael Shane Hill

"On many days, we may respond to multiple fires and spend literally hours in your gear. I can not express the difference your product has made in the overall health and comfort over any indura cotton type product. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the quality and wear ability of our TECGEN gear."
- Chief Duane Filkins, Kanwaka Fire Department 


Recommended by Chief Bobby Halton

We couldn't ask for a more reputable spokesman than Chief Bobby Halton.   Robert Tutterow (industry expert on firefighter health & safety and the man behind F.I.E.R.O.) wrote Firefighter "Fatigues", for the August 2016 edition of Fire Apparatus Magazine after Fire-Dex donated 130 sets of TECGEN PPE to be worn by the H.O.T. instructors at FDIC 2016.

Chief Halton has always been a fan of TECGEN, and with increasing awareness of firefighter cancer rates, he has become even more vocal about the importance of having a sturdy, lightweight, FR set of gear like TECGEN PPE to wear for non-structural calls.  In addition to reducing exposure to cancer-causing carcinogens trapped in dirty turnout gear, they also discuss using TECGEN PPE to reduce incidents of heat exhaustion.

To hear Chief Halton's testimonial and learn more about TECGEN PPE, check out the video below from FDIC 2016 featuring Chief Halton and Fire-Dex's very own Todd Herring.

Quotes by Chief Bobby Halton

"If you're not fighting a fire, keep your structural gear stowed and ready to go, keep your TECGEN® for rolling out to those car accidents and the 90% of the work on the street we do every day."

On having a set of TECGEN® PPE - "It's just a no brainer to me."

"If you're not fighting a fire, why are you in your structural gear?" 

"I don’t think that [TECGEN PPE] is a luxury. Right now we’ve got [multiple doctors] working on what happens to us when we’re inside PPE physiologically, and it does crazy stuff to our bodies.
It affords us wonderful protection, and when we need it, we need it. But putting your folks in the proper gear to do the job, the right gear, I don’t consider a luxury at all."

"Lightweight and durable."

- Kent Warrey


“Does a Navy scuba diver wear his wet suit when he’s up on deck working on the ship?” [Regarding wearing structural gear for non-structural job.]

- Dave Rhodes


"This is a homerun for me.  I’m just enthralled by it.  I can’t get over how comfortable it is."

- Bobby Halton


“The investment in TECGEN® gear is well worth a reduction in work related heat injuries.”

- Chief Butch Womack, Easley Fire Dept. (SC)