Applications for TECGEN PPE

When a call comes in, research indicates that 90% of the time it's not a structure fire. Instead, firefighters are spending most of their response time at MVA scenes, medical calls, brush fire incidents and taking care of many other emergency situations.

Why wear hot, thick turnout gear on every call if you don't have to? TECGEN® PPE protects against thermal and physical hazards while allowing you to remain cool and comfortable, giving you a choice for calls that do not require full structural gear.


TECGEN® brand fire resistant garments are UL certified to exceed NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and NFPA 1977 (Wildland Firefighting), making them the perfect choice for the following types of responses:

  • Extrication
  • MVA's
  • Search & Rescue
  • Trench Rescues
  • High/Low Angle Rescues
  • Confined Spaces
  • Wildland, Grass and Brush Fires
  • Good Will Calls
  • Support Personnel
  • Training
  • Junior Firefighting/Explorer Programs
Wildland Firefighting

Applications-WildlandWhether you're battling a raging wildfire, forest fire or grass fire, it's important to have the proper protective gear. A department's wildfire gear needs to balance the risk between heat stress prevention and burn protection at the same time.
Our Core Strengths: Comfort and Advanced Heat Protection
TECGEN® fabric is designed to provide protection against radiant heat and other hazards encountered during wildfire season. 
Available in a single-layer, lightweight coverall, or as a jacket/pants combination, TECGEN® gear helps protect wildland firefighters against thermal and physical hazards while allowing them to keep cool and comfortable. Lightweight, breathable TECGEN® PPE is designed to help reduce the risk of heat stress and is UL certified to exceed the NFPA requirements for wildland firefighting (NFPA 1977).
In addition, TECGEN® PPE offers versatility beyond wildfire uses, such as vehicle extrications, trench rescues, good will calls and more extending your investment even further. 

Technical Rescue & Extrication

Applications-Tech-RescueMobility and range of motion are critical during technical rescue and extrication work. Yet, there is also a need for protection from sharp edges, rough surfaces and and heat protection in the event of a flash fire.

While full turnout gear helps protect against fire and sharp objects, it can often be bulky and extremely hot for extrication work. On the other hand, station wear is not designed for flash fires, jagged edges and glass.

Focused on protection and breathability, TECGEN® PPE offers a comfortable, protective alternative to wearing turnout gear or day uniforms for technical rescue and extrication work. TECGEN® gear is specifically designed to stand up to the tasks most commonly performed during MVA, extrication and technical rescue responses.  

  • Breathable, single layer, lightweight construction to help keep you cool
  • Flame and heat protection from flash fires
  • UL certified to exceed the NFPA requirements for technical rescue (NFPA 1951)
  • Reinforced knee and elbow options for extra protection and durability
  • Ease of movement while reaching, bending and crouching
  • Soft, flexible fabric for optimal comfort

Applications-TrainingInstructors need protection too. Between technique demonstrations and classroom sessions, trainers can spend hours at a time in their gear. 

Many of the industry's top fire instructors and training centers rely on TECGEN® PPE. The single layer, lightweight construction of TECGEN® garments enable fire instructors to efficiently perform during long, continuous periods of time.

  • Durable: UL certified to exceed NFPA requirements for both technical rescue and wildland fire.
  • Advanced Protection: High levels of Thermal Protection (15.6 TPP) and Radiant Heat Protection (15+RPP) in a single layer construction
  • Lightweight: Engineered to protect without weighing you down
  • Comfortable: Provides enhanced mobility for confined spaces
  • Breathable: Managing the heat is easier when your clothes don't bottle it in (High levels of THL allow body heat to escape)
  • Repels Moisture: Helps keep you cool and dry