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As part of our pledge to educate and promote awareness around heat stress and cancer in the fire service, Fire-Dex's Continuing Education Series is traveling around the nation through 2016 and 2017.  Our 1-day course features multiple speakers - industry experts, covering topics such as cancer awareness & support, PPE use & heat stress, and evaluating personal safety systems.

We have held courses in Chicago and Orlando, with Columbus, Ohio coming next on December 1st. Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our emails to find out when and where the series will visit next.

There have arguably been fewer collections of material more sentinel to the evolution of safer firefighting and firefighter health/wellness than the three pieces presented in this Fire-Dex sponsored training digest.

Understanding the increased risk associated with the off-gassing of PPE post firefighting presents several opportunities to evolve our post-fire activities and reduce toxic exposure.

Gaining a greater understanding of how our PPE specification may be contributing to heat stress is critical to future modifications, designs, and fabric choices. Understanding heat stress as it relates to cardiovascular risks provides critical insight into prefire, firefighting, and postfire activities.

The fire service is faced with a vast array of issues and challenges. For the past 88 years, FDIC has been the place where honest discussions have led to workable solutions to these issues and challenges. This session features three of North America’s most outspoken and informed practitioners. Join them as they tackle the most critical issues facing the fire service today in a no-holds-barred session. From pike poles to pensions, from VES (vent-enter-search) to VSP (victim survivability profiling), and from staffing to science, join the chiefs as they discuss the biggest issues in frank, open, and straightforward language.

Smoke Toxicity & Bunker Gear
Fire Engineering FEtalk, Google+ Hangout 
Join us for a discussion on fire smoke and toxicity levels which get into firefighter gear. Related issues such as “bagging and tagging” dirty gear, having two sets of gear, and proactive steps fire departments are doing to deal with this critical issue. Leading the discussion will be Bobby Halton, joined by Allen Rom of Fire-Dex, Rob Schenpp from the Alameda County (CA) Fire Department, and Peter McBride from Ottawa Fire Services (CAN).
Fireground Safety
Fire Engineering FEtalk, Google+ Hangout 
Safety Week: Fireground Safety and Safety in General. Panel includes: Fire Engineering Chief Editor Bobby Halton, Captain Mike Gagliano of the Seattle Fire Department, Lt. Frank Ricci of the New Haven Fire Department, Allen Rom of Fire-Dex, and Steve Kerber, Director, Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute.

This free training guide includes 3 articles, written by these industry experts:
Firefighter Burn Injuries by Karen Owens
Structure Fire Overhaul: Respiratory Hazards and Personal Protective Equipment by Jeffrey L. Herbert
Is There Any Benefit to the Traditional Timed Donning Drill? by Eric Schmidt

"should be a mandatory read for every firefighter"!

This free training guide includes 3 articles, written by these industry experts:
Creating a Maintenance Program for Personal Protective Equipment by Mitch Lopez
Thermal Performance and Limitations of Bunker Gear by J. Randall Lawson
Purchasing Personal Protective Equipment by Andrew E. Pompe