Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that TECGEN® PPE was purchased by Fire-Dex.  What does this mean for us?  Will the products be changing?  Can I still go to my same distributor?
Yes, TECGEN® PPE is now a Fire-Dex brand, but the gear and the distributors are all staying the same.  There will be some changes eventually, but they will all be changes you'll be excited about, like faster delivery times and improved product features while maintaining the high level of customer service you have become accustom to with the TECGEN® team!

Product Questions
Is TECGEN® gear NFPA certified?

Yes. TECGEN® garments are UL certified to exceed NFPA 1951 (Technical Rescue) and NFPA 1977 (Wildland Firefighting).
Why is TECGEN® gear the right choice for most calls?
For most departments, nearly 90 percent of all calls are not related to structure fires. TECGEN® gear is well suited for firefighters to wear as an alternative to heavy, hot turnout gear when they respond to non-structural calls.
What types of responses is TECGEN® gear designed for?
TECGEN® gear is used for a variety of responses including extrication; search and rescue; MVA; wildland; grass and brush fires; confined space; trench rescue; high/low angle rescue and good will calls. It is also suitable for support personnel and junior firefighting/explorer programs.
Can I use TECGEN® gear for structural calls?
TECGEN® gear was specially designed as a multi-functional garment for responses other than structural fires. It is not NFPA certified for structure fires.
What are best practices for managing two sets of gear?
Structural gear should always be available. The departments wearing TECGEN® gear will take it with them on their apparatus, or in their personal vehicles if they are volunteers responding directly to a scene. It's really no different than carrying any other tools that are needed for the job planning and preparation are the key. It's all about having the right tool at the right time for all situations.
Explain how I will be extending the life of my bunker gear by using TECGEN® PPE?
When TECGEN® gear is worn for the majority of a department's responses (excluding structure fires) and traditional bunker/turnout gear is only worn for structure fire responses, the traditional bunker/turnout gear will be kept in better condition, therefore extending its life. The investment for a set of traditional bunker/turnout gear is much higher than a set of TECGEN® gear, so you will be making better use of your traditional bunker/turnout gear.
Product Purchasing 
How does the price of TECGEN® gear compare to standard structural gear?
A set of TECGEN® gear is approximately one third the cost of a standard set of structural gear.
How can I purchase TECGEN® gear?
TECGEN® gear may be purchased from our dealer network or through our home office. Search here for a dealer near you.
What if there isn't a TECGEN® dealer near me?
You can work directly with our home office if there isn't a dealer near you. Contact us here.

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