Browse our wide range of essential firefighter accessories from our signature Dex-Pro gloves, to our durable helmets, hoods, and boots! Whatever you need, we have the perfect gear to keep you protected on the fire scene.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional or modern helmet design, we have you covered! Our resilient helmets come with a matte finish in red, yellow, white or black. Pick between our standard or deluxe models and your choice of eye protection. We’re positive you’ll find the perfect fit!

Dex Pro Gloves
Dex Rescue Glove


Get reliable comfort and dexterity right at your fingertips with our structural Dex-Pro Gloves and non-structural Dex-Rescue Gloves! Each glove shines against all others by featuring rollover fingertips, a 360-degree range of motion keystone thumb, and durable reinforcements. Whether you need a glove for interior attacks or technical rescue missions – we have you covered!


Our wide range of hoods offer a variety of protection and coverage options. We guarantee you’ll find the desired level of protection for your department! 

Structural Firefighting Boots

Get superior levels of durability and comfort with our structural firefighting boots! You can feel secure in any environment with the ultra flexible FDXL200 red leather boot or traditional steel toed FDXR100 rubber boot.


With your choice of H-Back or X-Back styling, you never have to worry about potential sagging when climbing, crawling, or lifting on the job.