Fire-Dex Facebook Funnies – Caption Contests are just FUN!

Everyone LOVES looking at pictures on Facebook. Apparently, our Fire-Dex community is no different.  We posted this picture from FDIC on our Facebook wall and asked for captions about it.  We had a lot of fun reading these comments.  FUNNY STUFF!

Here are  a few of our favorites:

Steve:  “Rapid extraction with airbag deployments. Great save!”

Keane:  “This is the only way some firefighters can pick up chicks at FDIC.”

Phillip:  “The chief said pick out a new set of Fire-Dex bunker pants.”

Todd:  “Do you think my toes need a pedi? Let me look.”

Steve: “Look Honey I took the Fire-Dex Challenge and Won!”

Read all the captions on our Facebook page.  Oh, and, feel free to add your own!

Thank you again to everyone that commented.  We really enjoyed reading and laughing at all the posts.

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