Meet Lieutenant and Fire Blogger Dave LeBlanc

We are pleased to introduce Dave LeBlanc to the Fire-Dex community.  Dave is a Lieutenant in Harwich, Massachusetts and a fire blogger for A View from the Front Seat.   With many years in fire service, Dave provides “commentary about today’s Fire Service, training and techniques.” He focuses on keeping members safe while adhering to the principals of the Profession.

Dave began blogging in October 2009 by accident.  He wrote a personal post about cancer striking in his firehouse.  It was more of a therapy for him, but his friend, Bill Carey of Backstep Firefighter, convinced him to share it.

Recently, he posted a well-received blog that reviewed a fire in New York City hailing the “FDNY and the brothers from 114 truck as they ‘expected fire’ and saved the lives of 11 civilians.” Dave appreciates comments and discussions around the situations he reviews to continue learning from others in fire service.

Periodically, we will share Dave’s work to help educate our fire community.  After all, one of Dave’s favorite quotes says it all:  “You can do everything right in this job and still get killed” – Paddy Brown, Captain Ladder 3 – lost 09/11/01.

You can follow Dave LeBlanc on Twitter, Facebook and his blog, A View from the Front Seat.

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