Graduation Parties and Future Plans Are Happening…You will be surprised where these two seniors will assume their future adult roles in society.

Two Ohio graduating seniors are pursuing their lifelong career ambitions.

While most of their classmates are counting on four years of college to sort out their ambitions and career paths, Ben Hagstad and Ashley Ebel have their futures firmly in their grasp. They both want to be firefighters.

As graduated seniors from Granville High School, these two residents became full-fledged volunteers for the Granville Township Fire Department last January.

According to the Marion Star, Fire Chief Jeff Hussey said although having two teens at the station with the degree of training that Hagstad and Ebel have is a first for the station, most of the volunteers firefighters he recruits today are younger than 21. As people get older, they get busier and harder to recruit, he said.

Hagstad’s and Ebel’s interest in firefighting wasn’t an instant flash of inspiration, but rather a gradual process. They were intrigued by an announcement at school about a local Explorer Scout group sponsored by the fire department that focuses on firefighting as a career, and they decided to join.

Once they had the chance to go on fire and EMS runs and experience the camaraderie of the department, their enthusiasm grew, and they decided to go a step further.

For Ebel, it was taking an EMT class in her spare time while continuing her education at Granville High School. For Hagstad, it was enrolling in C-TEC in his junior year so he could take a high school curriculum focused on a career as a firefighter.

Best of luck to Hagstad and Ebel as they begin their journey in fire service. This article originally appeared in the Marion Star.  It was republished in its entirety with permission.

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