And, the June winner of the Fire-Dex Leather Fire Boots is…

And, the winner is……Brian Berry! Congratulations, Brian!

Brian is the June winner of a pair of Fire-Dex leather fire boots.  The “Kickin’ It…Summer 2011” boot campaign continues through August with the next winner announced on July 31st.

We picked our top 10 favorites, put the names in a boot (of course), and pulled out Brian’s name. There were many funny, creative captions.  Our favorites were:

  1. Adam: “Last one to the end has to buy ice cream for everyone at the Fire-Dex booth for FDIC 2012.”
  2. Mike: “Got boots?”
  3. Jason: “I tried these boots on at FDIC.  These boots are too comfortable for work boots.  If you are “Kickin’ It” in these boots, you’re kicking back and relaxing.”
  4. Brian:  ‎”I made a mess. You’re gonna need some gloves, turnout gear, an SCBA and these boots.”
  5. Jennifer: “Mommy wears the boots in our family!”
  6. Keith: “My mom always told me to call home when I fell in love. Does anyone have a quarter I can borrow so I can call her and tell her about the boots?”
  7. Chris: “My daddy’s two favorite things… me and his Fire-dex!”
  8. Todd: “Because I will look cool in them!”
  9. Jason: “I sure have Big Boots to fill to be a Hero like my Dad!”
  10. Owen: “My daddy’s boots are so soft, comfortable, and safe I had to get some myself.”

Be watching for more photos and a video.  That’s right, one post in July will be a short video with a question at the end.  It’s very cool and very catchy!  Good luck and enjoy your Independence Day weekend.

Brian, please email your contact information to

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