And, the August boot winner is…

Congratulations to Chris Anderson!

Chris is the final winner of our “Kickin’ It…Summer 2011” boot campaign.  He wins a pair of Fire-Dex leather fire boots.

We picked our top 10 favorite photo captions, put the names in a boot (of course), and pulled out Chris’ name. Our favorite captions for August were:

  1. Mark: I wonder if the boss is watching? Smile just in case……
  2. Kirsten: Nan Nu Nan Nu…we come in peace!! drink up
  3. Robert: Your water heater is probably set too high if you need proximity shower caps…
  4. Chris: Hey come on and stop posing with your new Fire-Dex boots we have a fire to fight. Time to get those things dirty!
  5. Brad: “Would you stop checking yourself out in those SWEET boots and get in the truck!!! We gotta roll!!!”
  6. Corbin: I may be a little league player. But I know big league boots when I see ’em.
  7. Ken: Heroes don’t wear baseball gloves; they wear Fire-Dex boots!!
  8. Chris: Really dude I know you love baseball but being a firefighter will earn you better respect here in Pittsburgh, PA.
  9. Eric: Jimmy your crocs are ok, did you know Fire-Dex makes boots in rubber too?
  10. Brad: America’s favorite past time, with America’s favorite boots.

Thanks to everyone for participating and having fun with this summer boot campaign.  We have enjoyed reading your responses and thoughts about each of the photos.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for our more giveaways and updates.

Chris, please email your contact information to

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