Kickin’ Back with Allen Rom

 Allen Rom is the Senior Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast states of VA, NC, SC, GA and FL. He also handles most of the export business for Fire-Dex.  Most people, who know Fire-Dex, know Allen Rom.  He can be seen visiting current dealers, calling directly on Fire Departments and attending trade shows and conferences.

We recently interviewed Allen and received many lively responses!  Enjoy and the next time you see Allen at your firehouse, tradeshow or dealer, be sure to say hi.  He likes chatting with anyone associated with the fire world.

Allen’s Interview:

What is your best advice to Fire-Dex clients?

“Learn about the different materials and features and options Fire-Dex offers. Don’t accept what some dealer keeps in stock for some city 200 miles away. Buy what’s right for your department.”

How is Fire-Dex better than their competitors?

  1. Construction. Gear is put together very well. Lockstitch sewing, double-felled double needled seams, etc.
  2. Options. 90% of the gear that leaves Fire-Dex is built for a specific fire department. They get to select materials, closures, pockets, reinforcements and most importantly sizes that are right for them and their department.
  3. Ease of doing business. Our people are approachable, responsible and, most importantly, available.
  4. Fun. We have fun doing business and that is reflected in our dealer base. Without a strong – successful – happy dealer base, we are nowhere.

Tell us 3 things people don’t know about you.

  1. I had a scholarship offer to play football at Kenyon College.
  2. I am a huge fan of James Bond, all action movies and Howard Stern. My honeymoon was in Jamaica, We went to Ian Fleming‘s home, GoldenEye.
  3. I had the second lead in high school music. I know, you can laugh now.  J

 What are your hobbies and interests?

  1. Anything with the family.
  2. Movies and TV:  Entourage. Rescue Me. This Old House.
  3. Driving rental cars.
  4. Food

You can connect with Allen Rom on LinkedIn, via email ( or by phone (330) 242-1923. 


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