The September Fire-Dex FDXL100 boot winner is…

Congratulations to Robert Sheard!  Robert is the September winner of a brand new pair of Fire-Dex leather fire boots.

We had some really witty captions for our Facebook photo contest.  Click here to read all the great captions on our Facebook wall.  We selected our top 10 favorites, put the names in a boot (of course), and pulled out Robert’s name. Our favorite captions were:

  1. Rob: Sorry the wife wears the pants…
  2. Kim: When I find out who stole my Bunker Pants I’ m gonna plant one of these Fire-Dex boots where the sun don’t shine!!!!!!!!
  3. Montana: Well the budget didn’t include pants. What can I say…
  4. Mark W: Oh boy, that’s what I get for not wearing Fire-Dex from head to toe!
  5. Robert: Lady Gaga – you aint got nothing on me.
  6. Danielle: Now tell me the truth…do these boots make my butt look big??!!
  7. Will: I’m to SEXY for my pants to sexy for my pants, I’m so sexy.
  8. Brad:  What happens in Fire-Dex Boots…. stays in Fire-Dex Boots!!
  9. Edward: Fire-dex boots so tuff they make me Chuck Norris approved.
  10. Mark T:  This is my good side, why are you laughing?

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Robert, please email your contact information to

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