Meet Fire-Dex Sewer, Pat Burrows

Pat Burrows sews gear bags, lettering, harness straps and other miscellaneous gear needs. She was featured in our Fire-Dex Remembers 9/11 video series. In the video, Pat talked about her three nephews that are Brooklyn firefighters and her passion about creating protective fire gear.  She said, “we’re sewing the lives of firefighters.”

Highlights about Pat:

  1. She loves home improvement/construction projects:  “putting up and tearing down walls”;
  2. Shes hates yellow and gold;
  3. She once won a line dancing contest.
  4. Pat says her work at Fire-Dex has made her more creative overall.
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2 comments on “Meet Fire-Dex Sewer, Pat Burrows

  1. How do I get my hands on this pink gear to support my loved 1s and everyone suffering from breast cancer? Turnout gear? Extrication gear? Anything…

    • Randy, we made those a few years ago from a special request from a distributor in Georgia. We do not make these as part of regular line. Thank you for asking and stay safe.

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