Announcing the October boot winner…..

Congratulations to Scott Berends!  Scott is the October winner of a brand new pair of Fire-Dex leather fire boots.

We had some really funny captions for our Facebook photo contest.  Click here to read all the great captions on our Facebook wall.  We selected our top 10 favorites, put the names in a boot (of course), and pulled out Scott’s name. Our favorite captions were:

  1. Rodger: Do you think dad will notice I traded boots?
  2. Mark: Mom said she wanted the house powerwashed never said how, these Fire Dex boots will protect my feet when she gets ahold of me!
  3. Ken: If I jump from here with my Fire-Dex boots on, the gel drops with absorb the shock.
  4. Dan: Indians new uniform; who needs cleats when you can have Fire-Dex boots!
  5. Eddie: ‎Alright rookie, if the old timers come after the boots, pull the lever that says deluge on it. He he he!
  6. Scott: I think I can hit those pigeons off the top of the Fire House !! =)
  7. Linda: Do these Fire Dex boots come with “lifts”? I’m not quite tall enuff to reach. 🙂
  8. Shane: ‎”These Fire-Dex boots are great! Just wish I could see the gauges to get water to the fire!”
  9. Edward: Honey, dont worry the kids are safe I gave them my Fire-Dex boots.
  10. Jason: In this month’s picture we see the true nature of a firefighter: Just a little boy playing with big toys.

Keep watching and participating!  More giveaways and updates are coming to our Facebook page!

Scott, please email your contact information to

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