12 Days of Fire-Dex


We are kicking off December with the giveaway of all giveaways.  Beginning on Thursday, December 1st and continuing EVERY DAY until Monday, December 12th, Fire-Dex will be giving away a daily prize. The grand prize, a complete set of Fire-Dex gear  will be awarded on Day 12. After all, we are One Brand Head to Toe.To participate:

  1. “Join” (RSVP) to our Facebook event or tweet us a message @Firedex on Twitter.  You only have to do this once to be in the daily drawing AND you can do it at any time during the 12 days.  For instance, if you forget or haven’t joined the event and it’s December 3, simply go to our Facebook page and “Join” the event.
  2. For a BONUS entry, sign up to receive our newsletter and email updates.

We will announce the winner each day at 3:00 p.m. EST on our Facebook wall.

Here is the complete list of daily giveaways:

  1. 2 Jars of Fire House Fire Sauce (12/1)
  2. Digital Meat Thermometer (12/2)
  3. Spice Rub Gift Set (12/3)
  4. Salt and Pepper Barbecue Shakers (12/4)
  5. Grill Set with the Fire-Dex patch on it (12/5)
  6. Personalized Branding Iron (12/6)
  7. Fire-Dex Grill Apron (12/7)
  8. Steaks from Omaha Steaks (12/8)
  9. Fire-Dex Helmet and Hood (12/9)
  10. Char Griller Grill and Fire-Dex Gloves (12/10)
  11. Leather Fire-Dex Boots (12/11)
  12. Compete Set of Fire-Dex Gear all packaged in a Fire-Dex Personalized Gear Bag (12/12)

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Fire-Dex!

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20 comments on “12 Days of Fire-Dex

  1. Just so happens my birthday falls within the “12 Days of Fire-Dex”! just got issued brand new turnouts…could really use a helmet though!

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  7. A female firefighter, I am
    A Safety officer too, (I’ll be damn)
    To be safe, need gear that fits
    So, this give-away can’t be beat,
    To win Fire Dex gear, now that would be great!

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