Changes to the AFG Awards Procedures

Important changes have been made to the AFG Awards Procedures.

The only notification that will be received by the applicant organization will be a single e-mail notification from The AFG Mail Center will also receive a copy of the message.

This year there will be no preliminary questionnaire sent to applicants that are being considered for the award.

All applicants chosen for the awards must formally ACCEPT or DECLINE the award within 30 days of notification. Information on how to do so will be provided in the notification e-mail.

If the applicant doesn’t accept or decline their award within 30 days of the notification, the funds will be returned to FEMA.

Before any awards are accepted, applicants should read the information in the Award Package and the Articles of Agreement. Be sure to pay extra attention to Articles 4 and 5.

If applicants believe they have pre-award expenses or grant-writer fees eligible for funding, they must be discussed with a Grants Management Specialist prior to accepting the award.

AFG award announcements are expected to take place in December. They will continue rolling into 2012 until all of the funds are awarded. Be sure to check your email and the AFG Mail Center often to look for the e-mail notice concerning your application. All applicants will be notified regardless of whether they will receive an award.

Be sure your organization has registered for the Central Contractor Registration (CCR). If you have not done so, please complete the registration at Those that have not completed this registration process, or haven’t completed the required annual renewal and revalidation of CCR data, will not be able to receive grant funds.

Questions can be directed to the AFG Help Desk at 1.866.274.0960 or

Information compiled from an 11/29 email from FEMA.

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