Fire-Inspired Groom's Cakes

Mmm! What is better than one cake? Obviously, two cakes!

The Groom’s cake is making a comeback at weddings all over the country. Originating in the South, groom’s cakes began as gifts from a bride to her groom. However, today they may be an alternative choice to the main cake or dessert at the rehearsal dinner. Usually the groom’s cake has a more masculine look and reflects an interest or hobby of the groom. They also tend to be chocolate or flavored counter balancing the traditional cake.

Groom’s cakes give the groom something that he can take away from the day that is traditionally all about the bride.  Some brides surprise the groom with the cake while others let them have full control. Take a look these creative fire-inspired cakes that added some spice and personality to the bride and groom’s special day.

One of our Facebook friends, Brandon, shared his groom’s cake a few months back.

Our friends at Ferrera Fire shared this groom’s cake on their Facebook wall in 2011 from an Ohio firefighter that had a groom’s cake that matched their recent apparatus purchase.  VERY cool!

Have you seen other great, fire-inspired groom’s cakes?  If so, please share.

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