Congratulations to Steve Napolitano our Fire-Dex Rep of the Month

Steve Napolitano is Fire-Dex’s March Sales Representative of the month. Steve has been selling Fire-Dex products for over ten years at Advanced Technologies in Herkimer, New York.

Steve NapolitanoSteve is the founder of Advanced Technologies and until recently the President.  Steve is looking to wind down his busy lifestyle and sold the business.  He now acts as a consultant for Herkimer Area Resource Center.

Steve has embraced the head to toe concept of Fire-Dex and has developed a loyal following in his area who have taken in flocks to our new boots and are anxiously awaiting the G1 Glove. Many of Steve’s customers have been wearing Fire-Dex for a decade. Steve is highly knowledgeable in all areas of PPE and is a true resource to the departments he serves.

In addition to his consulting role, Steve is an officer at the Herkimer Fire Department and a Director at the Herkimer County Emergency Management Office.  He recently bought a summer camp where he and his children, Steven and Alyssa, will enjoy kayaking, golf and a lot of relaxing.

All of us at Fire-Dex congratulate Steve on his award and thank him for his many years of loyalty to Fire-Dex.

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