Introducing our NEW FX-R gear

Fire-Dex has redesigned their FX gear to be unlike anything else on the market. The new FX-R coat has less fabric, weighs less, and allows for a better range of motion.

The new, patent-pending OmniDex Cut has moved the shoulder seams inward to allow the wearer to move with less restriction. The OmniDex Cut has also changed the placement of the sleeve attachment which has eliminated the need for a back pleat, greatly reducing the amount of fabric and weight of the coat. This unique design allows the wearer to move more freely while wearing an SCBA and greatly reduces coat-rise. The elimination of the back pleat has also reduced the number of seams, which helps eliminate irritation under an SCBA and reduces the number of wear-points.

The FX-R design still includes a seamless collar but now includes a pleat in the shell fabric for a more secure fit while still allowing for an uncompromised, seamless moisture barrier. The FX-R collar is NFPA compliant without a throat strap, allowing for better interface with the SCBA face mask.

FX-R gear still includes some tried-and-true design features such as the DexFlex Elbow, DexFlex Knee, and the seamless crotch gusset and is fully customizable with a wide variety of fabrics, pockets, and other features and options.

It really is unlike anything else on the market – visit our Fire-Dex website for more details on the NEW Fire-Dex FX-R gear.

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2 comments on “Introducing our NEW FX-R gear

  1. Will there be giveaways of this new amazing gear?? I’ll even take a loan and give it back lol. 🙂 Great Idea. Keep up the great work! You guys are awesome!!

    • Hi Alicia:

      We are really excited about the new gear too! Glad to hear you would be willing to take a loan ; )
      Not sure what our final plans will be for the giveaways but we will definitely keep you posted. Thanks for the nice comments.

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