The Glove Winner Is…

Congratulations to Gabe Heatherly!  Gabe wins a pair of our recently released FDX G1 Structural Gloves.

Here are our favorites from the caption contest:

Facebook Favorites

Ryan K: Kid in the blue says, “Awww man, you mean you only had 1 spot on the engine open?” (Kid in red says,  “Yep, I’m filling a big pair of boots for 24 hours.”)
Ken S: ”Hey Ryan, what do you say we ditch these Baseball gloves and put on a pair of those FDX-G1’s your dad got.” ”Great idea Mac, I hear the Full Grain Pigskin that wraps around the palm offers extra protection, with improved mobility.” ”Uh, Ryan, I just think they look cool.”
Zach L:
Baseball hat: $10
Baseball glove: $40
Baseball cleats: $50
The beginning of a firefighter brotherhood: PRICELESS!!
Mark R: Don’t be in right field with the wrong glove!
Tommy G: After we win the mega millions, we are gonna own this truck!
Robert N: See… a baseball out of a deck gun is a homerun every time!!!
Paul M: ‎”These baseball gloves are uncomfortable. I wish they were more like Dad’s new Fire-Dex gloves.”
Andy H: “I think this is fire truck is way cooler than baseball.” “Nu uh.” “Is too, just look at these boots. I like them better than your baseball shoes.”
Blog Favorites
Gabe Heatherly: Chief, we have no idea how that baseball went through the fire house window. We were playing football.
Tim Walker: I’m Safe!!!! From anything hurting my feet!!
Congratulations again, Gabe!  Please email your contact information to  Stay safe, everyone!
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