April Sales Rep of the Month

James “Jim” Geer of ROI Fire and Ballistics

Jim is the owner of ROI Fire and Ballistics Equipment, Inc. and has been selling Fire-Dex for over 5 years. ROI is a complete Fire and Police supplier, that includes a mobile SCBA service center.  Jim feels working with emergency service is extremely rewarding. Recently, Jim had the opportunity to present our new FX-R gear to an agency in his territory.   “All I had to do was have them put an airpack on with their old turnouts and then with the new FX-R, they were sold!” Jim is known by his customers for having superior customer service. “Jim is the guy I can always depend on to get it right” was a recent comment from one of his customers. In a short amount of time, Jim has done a fantastic job of converting many customers to the Fire-Dex line of products. Fire-Dex is grateful to have a person of his caliber representing our products.

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