Our May Boot Winner Is…

Congratulations to Ken Sikora!

Ken wins a pair of our FDXL100 Leather Fire Boot.

Thank you to all for participating.  It was a lot of fun reading all the entries.  There were so many great captions.  These were a few of our favorites:

  1. Budgets are tight and we really needed that new mobile command post…. ~ Robert
  2. Always on duty 24/7 everywhere we travel. Family of firefighters. It’s in our blood. ~ Adam
  3. Yes Sir! Twenty three tubes of caulk, and three and a half gallons of tar, and she holds water just fine! And as an added bonus, that door makes a mighty fine quick dump! ~ Devon
  4. Giving a whole new meaning to the departments “Bunk-in program” ~ Sean
  5. Gee honey I thought we agreed I could buy a firetruck if I bought you a new camper. At least this way I saved us a few dollars. Oh yea and did I mention we’ll be safer during that pesky wild fire season. ~ Justin (blog)
  6. “I cant understand why Ryan and Mac won’t pose infront of this rig…….but I’ll do it for a pair of Fire-Dex FDXL 100 leather boots”.  ~ Ken (blog)

Read all the entries on our Facebook wall and our blog.  We will do it again next month, so be watching!

Ken, please email your contact information to firedexmarketing@gmail.com.  Congratulations again!

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