The June Boot Winner Is…

Congratulations to Steve Victory!

Steve wins a pair of our FDXL100 Leather Fire Boot.

We received many funny, witty captions for our grillin’ glove picture. We had entries on Facebook on our blog and on our Twitter account.  We put the names in a boot and pulled out Justin’s name!

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Of course it does confuse the chief when everyone’s gloves smell like BBQ chicken… ~ Steve (blog)
  2. At home or on scene these gloves protect and serve better then any other, ribs anyone ~ Darrell
  3. You won’t get burnt and hopefully your food won’t either.  ~ Wm. Scott
  4. Off duty or on duty, protect your hands from being “grilled”. ~ Justin A.
  5. My other Axe is a Slab of Ribs!!! ~ Justin D. (blog)
  6. That’s not seasoning on those ribs, that’s asphalt shingle tar from doing ventilation on the structure from 34th and Main St. mmmmm, tasty! ~ Brad
  7. Fire-Dex gloves work wonders in all temperatures! No need to take them off in rehab either! ~ Alicia

Read more entries on our Facebook wall and our blog.  Thank you to all that participated.  And, stay tuned to our Facebook page for details about the Fire-Dex Olympics coming soon!

Steve, please email your contact information to  Congratulations again!

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