What Do YOU Want to Win? You Tell Us!

We need your help!  We want to know what you want to win. And, better still, if you tell us, you just might win it!  It’s easy and only requires about 30 seconds of your time.

Thank you for your input and for being a part of our social communities.

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13 comments on “What Do YOU Want to Win? You Tell Us!

  1. I’d love a pair of your FDXL100 Leather Fire Boots. Size 12EE, please. Think about it – most of my work is standing around, looking dignified, praying that nothing happens that will harm my firefighters … and my feet hurt. Good boots will make that holy standing a lot more tolerable.

  2. I am incredibly grateful for the products you make. My Fire-Dex gear has just been amazing from the start, and I became a fan from that point on.

    When it comes to what is best to win, I think that we all need help with accessories that the department doesn’t cover. I know I am not alone in that I spend a lot of my own personal money to have gear that makes me safer than what the department hands out. So when we are able to win stuff here and there, it really makes a huge difference. Thank you for the good things you do.

    As for what I would like to win…I think the Gear Bag is at the top, followed by the gloves(G1) and the helmet.

    Ultimately I am just grateful to have your Fire-Dex gear to keep me safe.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. a new helmet would be great, the ones that we have are falling apart. they were given to us from a different fire department and we are greatly appreciated. anything new would be great really. we are a new volunteer department trying to get off the ground and your equipment helps the fine men and women do their job everyday so we thank you for making such fine products.

  4. Thank you for the giveaways that you have provided.. Can always use a spare pair of gloves or a hood. All of our gear stays at our firehouse, so the gear bag wouldnt be as useful..

    Once again THANKS!!

  5. well we are a small volunteer fire dept about 10 strong and our money is not aways there so if winning a set of gloves is what i want its just another peice if gear i don’t have to try to come up with the money to try and buy..it would be great if i could win 10 pair…1 for all my members….thanks

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