The San Francisco Fire Department Museum

The San Francisco Fire Department Museum is sponsored and run by the San Francisco Fire Department Historical Society also known as SFFDHS. The mission of the Museum is to preserve the heritage and history of the Fire Department.

When visiting the museum you can view documents, graphic items, fire memorabilia, apparatus, and appliances used by the San Francisco Fire Department. There is even a penny that was melted during the 1906 Earthquake and the bell that was rung to announce the danger of fire prior to the earthquake, when it was cracked.  There are several beautifully restored horse drawn fire trucks, hand pumps, and all sorts of older helmets, boots and patches.

The SFFDHS muster team continues to represent the SFFD at community events and parades. The team has won many awards for their performance and for preserving the physical techniques of firefighting used in the past, creating a museum of living history.

Although the museum may be small and unknown it is a wonderful museum that tells the story of the Fire Department and the city.

There are also many vintage Firehouses throughout the city of San Francisco. Take a look at each one along with a short history of each here. (

For more information on the San Francisco Fire Department Museum visit their website ( or visit the Museum in San Francisco. Admission is free.

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