2nd Annual 12 Days of Fire-Dex

Last year, you loved it, so we brought it back this year!

Beginning on Saturday, December 1st and continuing EVERY DAY until Wednesday, December 12th, Fire-Dex will be giving away a daily prize. The grand prize, a complete set of Fire-Dex gear will be awarded on Day 12. After all, we are One Brand Head to Toe.

To enter:

  1. Click here and enter your name and email address. You only have to do this once to be in the daily drawing AND you can do it at any time during the 12 days.  For instance, if you forget or haven’t entered the drawing and it’s December 3, simply go to our Facebook page and sign up.
  2. For a BONUS entry, sign up to receive our newsletter and email updates.  If you are already receiving our emails, you already have a bonus entry.

We will announce the winner each morning on our blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the complete list of daily giveaways:

  1. Starter Fluid Travel Coffee Mug (12/1)
  2. SanDisk Sanza Fuse + 8GB MP3 Player (12/2)
  3. Fire Engine Mailbox (12/3)
  4. Leather Firefighting Book (12/4)
  5. Fire-Dex H61 Hood and Structural Gloves (12/5)
  6. Jawbone Speakers (12/6)
  7. Fire-Dex Original Grilling Apron (12/7)
  8. Fire-Dex Helmet and Structural Gloves (12/8)
  9. Samsung Galaxy (12/9)
  10. Fire-Dex Leather Boots (12/10)
  11. Set of Fire-Dex Extrication, Wildland or EMS Gear (12/11)
  12. Compete Set of Fire-Dex Gear all packaged in a Fire-Dex Personalized Gear Bag – One Brand Head to Toe (12/12)

Good luck and Happy Holidays from Fire-Dex!

These giveaways have been sponsored by DuPont. DuPont Nomex® and Kevlar® brand fibers provide superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.

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