A Touching Tribute to Wildland Firefighters

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation partnered with the National Interagency Fire Center to create the Wildland Firefighter Monument. They were looking for a permanent, memorable way to honor the 14 firefighters who lost their lives during the 1994 South Canyon Fire. The official dedication ceremony was held May 25, 2000.

The Monument, located on the National Fire Interagency Center base (NIFC), consists of three eight-foot bronze firefighters who stand in silent acknowledgement of the hard-working men and women on the fireline. A team of volunteers constructed a waterfall to showcase native rock gathered from a local quarry.

Granite stones with personal inscriptions line the Monument walkways and encircle its perimeter to commemorate members and supporters of the wildland firefighting community. These markers are authorized and placed twice a year at the request of individuals by the National Interagency Fire Center and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.

The Monument is meant to be enjoyed by all walks of life. Visiting the Monument will provide a sense of peace and tranquility as visitors take in the sites, smells and sounds of the natural wildlands. Have you had a chance to visit the monument?

Photo Credit:  The Wildland Foundation Facebook Page

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