Taking Time To Focus On Our Firefighters and First Responders


June 16-22, 2013 has been designated as Fire and EMS Safety and Health Week.  The purpose of devoting a whole week to this important issue is to allow all shifts and personnel to participate in at least one day of training. All non-emergency activity this week may be postponed to allow firefighters the opportunity to focus on safety and health training and education that concentrate on the critical issues that can affect first responders.

The theme this year is “Saving Our Own…An Inside Job” and provides an emphasis on mental health issues commonly faced by firefighter and EMS personnel. While the physical effects of being a first responder are well known, the mental well-being of these men and women are just as important.  Several tools and resources are available at www.safetyandhealweek.org to help you initiate Safety and Health Week in your department this week and throughout the year!

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