Fire-Dex and Donley Safety Outfit Volunteer Fire Department


Adams Township Volunteer Fire Department, located in Decatur County, Indiana, always relied on donations and second-hand uniforms from other departments for their Turn Out Gear. Due to a limited budget, they have never been able to purchase new gear for their team.

Thanks to the recent teamwork of Fire-Dex and Donley Safety, the entire department now has new coats, pants, boots, gloves, hoods and helmets and was able to stay within their budget.

Here is a picture of the Adams Township VFD in their new Fire-Dex Assault Turn Out Gear. How do they look?

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One comment on “Fire-Dex and Donley Safety Outfit Volunteer Fire Department

  1. We are looking for prices for bunker gear. We are looking to get at least 6 sets. We are possibly getting a matching grant and want to be able to buy as many sets as we can for around $10,000. We are mainly looking at just coat and pants
    Thank you
    Steve Kershaw
    Asst chief

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