Meet the Fire-Dex Sales Rep of the Month from Fire Etc


Steve Efthimos has worked with Fire Etc for 12 years.  He has headed up the Government and Federal Sales Division for the last 2.5 years, working with over 110 Naval Vessels, USCG, Army and Air Force Departments in San Diego and around the world.  Fire Etc stocks Fire-Dex Proximity gear and Fire Boots.  Steve has done an outstanding job in selling this gear to the US Government.  At Fire Etc, he wears many hats during the day; they get a lot of walk-in traffic to sell to daily.

Steve is a veteran of the US Army, serving in the Military Police Corps as a NCO.  He has lived around the world on 3 different continents.  He is a former civilian police officer from the state of Missouri.  He has a son who is currently in Basic Training in the US Army and a three year old daughter.  He lives close to the beach in San Diego and enjoys all sports.  Even living in San Diego, he is a dirty Raiders’ fan and also a big baseball fan.  The SF Giants is his team of choice.

Thanks to Steve for all of his hard work.

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One comment on “Meet the Fire-Dex Sales Rep of the Month from Fire Etc

  1. Nice bio write up! Surprised I haven’t ran into you over the years, as I was an Air Force Firefighter, and have since worked for the Army, Navy, and Air Force as a Federal Firefighter in 4 states and 2 countries. Nice to see the skill set and experience of a veteran being utilized and recognized.

    if you get a minute, check out what another vet is up to here…

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