Before FireWriter2…The History of FireWriter by Fire-Dex

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Ten years ago, Fire-Dex launched the first web-based custom turnout gear builder and gave it the name FireWriter. The original intention was to provide a tool that would help customers build their ideal set of gear, specific to their set of circumstances and their individual needs. Once all of the options were selected, the customer could then send the FireWriter to Fire-Dex as an order thereby reducing ordering confusion and ultimately ordering errors. Ten years ago, that was revolutionary. FireWriter has remained the industry’s best gear building tool for the last decade (and arguably still is today). As with all great innovations, competition is soon to copy. Other turnout gear manufacturers have spent the last ten years working to create a program to compete with FireWriter. Some have been more successful than others…

Turnout gear, customers, ordering and Fire-Dex overall, are not the same as they were ten years ago. Today, there are so many more options, materials, technology, etc. With that in mind, Fire-Dex committed significant resource to the creation of the next generation FireWriter program. Our goal was simple…take what we’ve learned over the last ten years with FireWriter plus the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers and create a program that makes our customer’s lives quicker, easier and more efficient. With a commitment to keep FireWriter as the industry leader in custom gear building, FireWriter2 was built.

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