International Fire/EMS Safety & Health Week 2014


The International Fire/EMS Safety & Health Week is an annual event, designed to increase awareness and reduce the risk of injury among emergency responders. The 2014 event will take place from June 15-21 and will focus on the theme “Train Like You Fight.” This theme was chosen in order increase responder safety on the training ground while ensuring that responders are adequately prepared for live emergency situations.

The National Volunteer Fire Council and the International Fire Chiefs Association, both co-sponsors of the event, have encouraged fire departments to suspend all non-emergency activity during Safety & Health Week in order to focus on training and education. The event has been scheduled for a full week to ensure that all shifts and duty crew can participate.

Available on the official Safety & Health Week website is a series of resources, designed both for training, and promotion of the event. Included in the training resources section are a number of programs, studies, and online courses, all geared towards improving safety conditions during training, and improving health among responders. For Fire and EMS departments who are participating in the event, the planning section of the website includes free downloadable promotional material, activity ideas, sample press releases, and more.

It is no secret that emergency responders face physical and psychological stress each day on the job. However the co-sponsors of Safety & Health week believe that with safer, more complete training, we can reduce preventable injury and death in fire and emergency services.

For more information about the event, visit the official Safety & Health Week website. For more information about health and safety among responders, read our blog, Improving Heart Health for Firefighters.

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