Text Messages to 9-1-1 Beginning to Roll Out

sign-44174_1280Since it’s inception as our national emergency number in 1968, 9-1-1 has been one of the most vital services available to the American public. This year, 9-1-1 services expand to another one of America’s most used technologies: text messaging.

An average of 101 texts are sent each day for people 18 to 34, and many people say that they prefer texting to calls. Despite the medium’s popularity, it has never been utilized as a national emergency service. Earlier this year, the FCC set out to change that, and begun national roll out of the new text-to-911 service. Distribution will take some time, but the technology is already available in some areas.

The new text-to-911 service is a large step for emergency service in the U.S. The FCC stresses that voice calls should still be the primary method of reporting an emergency, but text messages will still be very useful for people with disabilities, or for situations where voice is not an option. To learn more about the new service, visit the FCC’s official page on the program.

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