The Haunted Milwaukee Firehouse

blood-moon-488029_1280Ghost stories are a tradition as old as time, and in Wisconsin, a group of fire fighters from Engine House 35 in Milwaukee believe that they’re more than just stories.

Engine House 35, nicknamed Crypt Keeper, is located in a residential district several miles from downtown Milwaukee. The structure itself is only about 15 years old; however the property it was built on previously housed a nearly 100-year-old mausoleum.

From stories of lamps becoming spontaneously unplugged, to water faucets being mysteriously turned on full blast, the tales from Crypt Keeper abound. After spending several nights at the engine house, FF Mike Lopez is almost convinced. “I’m starting to believe in ghosts” said Lopez, “Not 100% yet, but I’m telling you it’s not going to take much more.”

Take a few minutes and read the full story on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal website.  It’s creepy and interesting.

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