Candle Fire Stats

As many in fire service are aware, December is the peak time of year for home candle fires. These candle fire statistics may serve as great reminders for your communities.
Source: US Fire Administration

During 2007-2011, candles caused 3% of home fires.

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  1. My name is Sebastian V. Colom and I’m a senior at the Science Academy of South Texas, a magnet high school which focuses on math, science and engineering. I am currently enrolled in a course titled Engineering Design and Development in which we define a problem, justify it, and then use the engineering design process to develop, prototype and test our solution. My team and I are currently investigating how and why candle fires happen in order to create a solution that prevents them.
    During the course of the school year there may be times when we may need assistance in understanding or feedback on our work. Would you be willing to offer assistance through email correspondence or could you point us to someone who can? If you have any questions about the course or The Science Academy of South Texas, feel free to email our instructor Mr. Coalson, at Thank you for your time!

    Sebastian V. Colom
    Andres Cerda
    Ramon Montalvo IV

    • Hi Sebastian, we recommend that you talk with your local Fire Chief or Fire Investigator as they would know the most about flammability, fire prevention and safety. Good luck with the school year!

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