ParaDex EMS & USAR Gear Available in FireWriter2

The first change you will see on Wednesday are new Product Category tabs when you go to start a new FireWriter.  As we have gone from Custom Turnout Gear to working on adding all Fire-Dex and Chieftain products, these tabs will help you to easily find the exact product you’re looking to order.

FireWriter2 ParaDex EMS & USAR Gear

The first new product line you will see available is our EMS and USAR Gear. Within FireWriter2 you can either choose your shell material and color and skip straight to the end Confirmation to order our standard ParaDex or USAR gear, or you can visit any or all tabs and customize the gear as you wish.

ParaDex EMS & USAR Gear

Once on the confirmation page, you will place your order just like you currently do for turnout gear; upload your purchase order and sizing sheet, sign for the order, and click Submit.

If you have any question regarding EMS or USAR on FireWriter2, please contact Abby Lehman Buzon at or (330) 723-0000 ext. 337.

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