9/11 Tributes Around the World


Tributes to September 11, 2001 are found around the world.


Phoenix, Arizona: A large ring inscribed with written statements that are projected onto the base when sun shines through.

Indianapolis, Indiana: Two beams from the WTC, granite walls inscribed with remembrances of the events and a sculpture of bald eagle.

Beverly Hills, California: A steel beam salvaged from the wreckage of the WTC.

Ramot, Jerusalem: A cenotaph in the form of an American flag transforming into a flame sitting on a base of metal from WTC.

Hilliard, Ohio: A park with a sculpture, engraved granite walls, fountains, a trellis resembling beams, and artifacts from the WTC.

Parsippany, New Jersey: Steel sections from the WTC, pieces of United Flight #93, and soil from the Pentagon are surrounded by water.

Jersey City, New Jersey: Two long steel slabs, separated by a path, bear the names of the deceased and frame a view of the changing WTC site.

Christchurch, New Zealand: A tribute to firefighters worldwide using steel from the WTC site.

Venice, Florida: A piece of the WTC sits on a base engraved with names of firefighters, victims and other fallen heroes.

Overland Park, Kansas: An artifact from the WTC sits in the center of a park where people can touch it to reconnect and remember.

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