Q & A: Fire-Dex Family Thanksgiving Traditions


Who is the cook for your Thanksgiving meal?

John Zbozien: My sister does an amazing job! My dad usually cooks the bird, deep-fried, and everyone else brings a side dish. We ALWAYS have WAY too much food!

Abby Buzon: I do…with help from my hubby!

Jenny McPherson: Kyle and I have two Thanksgiving meals – one with his family and one with mine. Our parents are the chefs, so we bring the wine!

Steve Allison: The entire family prepares together in the kitchen. We even draw straws the night before on who puts the turkey in the oven at 5:00am.

David Moore: My mother cooks the majority of our meal, however, we all pitch in with our special dishes.

Tony Moore: My wife, Sue. She cooks for at least 6 others who join us.

What are you most grateful for?

John Zbozien: My family and friends. We express our gratitude by cheers’ing, and cheers’ing som more, over various rounds of Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

Abby Buzon: I am SO grateful to have been blessed with a happy, healthy, bouncing baby boy 6 months ago, for my wonderful, loving supportive family (husband included of course), and for having a job that I absolutely love doing. I express my gratitude by trying to knock my family’s socks off with my mad cooking skills!

Jenny McPherson: I’m extremely thankful for my family and friends. Without their support, patience and unconditional love, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Steve Allison: We are blessed for our family members who are alive and healthy.

David Moore: I am extremely grateful for all of the family and the time we get to share with each other.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

John Zbozien: The deep fried turkey! Soooo good! The key is the peanut oil.

Abby Buzon: The old standard Betty Crocker Stuffing! Here’s the link to the recipe, but I think I could tell you by heart.

Jenny McPherson: My dad’s Apple Crumb Pie! It’s the perfect Thanksgiving dessert. You can’t get much better than warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream!

Steve Allison: Pumpkin Pie

David Moore: Hands down I am a Mash-Tater lover! Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the wine.

Tony Moore: Turkey!

Share a Thanksgiving tradition that is important to your family every year.

John Zbozien: The night before, my Dad, Sister and I all get together to make “Mom’s Stuffing.” We have a recipe, and follow it to the letter, but it never ends up tasting like how my Mom always made it. So we add a little more of this or a little more of that until all three of us agree that it tastes just like Mom’s!

Abby Buzon: We don’t have one! We just eat and eat and eat. All the classics! We look at the Black Friday ads but wouldn’t DARE go out there. Then I will throw on a Christmas movie at the end of the day and start decorating the next day.

Jenny McPherson: Thanksgiving Day we go from one family’s house to the other. We are lucky enough to get two Thanksgiving dinners! Kyle and I spend the day after decorating for Christmas and eating delicious leftovers.

Steve Allison: We do a family walk after our meal. Some years when it is cold and snowing, there is a lot complaining but still mandatory. Making room for more food and getting ready for afternoon naps and football.

David Moore: Every Thanksgiving morning…my Father, Brother, and myself all go hunting together rain or shine. A thanksgiving tradition we have carried on for years. And my sister is obsessed with watching the Macy’s day parade….so, that is a tradition that I have to put up with by default….but I don’t mind one bit!

Tony Moore: The main tradition is that I make a ton of Turkey soup with the bones and everything left. It usually lasts until Christmas when I get to do it all over again.

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