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Message from the Fire-Dex Director of Marketing

To the Board of Directors of the Missouri Valley Division of the IAFC:

Thank you for your recent article, “Open Letter to Fire Service Vendors and Agencies” as published in the Daily Dispatch on September 27, 2016. We share your concern for the cancer rates affecting firefighters throughout the fire service.

The Sales, Marketing and Management teams at Fire-Dex hear your call and pledge to take immediate action to insure our marketing activities are aligned with the health and safety of the firefighter.  After reading your letter we immediately began the process of reviewing and updating our existing materials.  Future images and content selected will also be carefully vetted and will showcase gear and information dedicated to health and safety first.

But we want to take it a step further.  In addition to sending the right message, we pledge to focus our research and development efforts around products that will help reduce the exposure of harmful carcinogens to our firefighters.  We recently developed the H41 Interceptor that utilizes an advanced particulate filtration system built into the traditional firefighting hood design.  This system virtually eliminates the transmission of smoke particulates that pass through traditional products unimpeded and are ultimately absorbed into the bloodstream along the neck and jawline.  It is the first step of what we believe will be many in the years ahead as we work to continuously improve PPE to protect against all facets of firefighter health and safety.

We also pledge to educate and promote awareness around heat stress and cancer in the fire service.  We are doing this through our Continuing Education Series around the nation and recently hosted our first event in the Chicago area.  These events include featured speakers from the International Firefighter Cancer Foundation along with other industry experts and experienced firefighters sharing their stories of the impact cancer has made in their lives.

The Fire-Dex mission is “To serve those who serve” and we mean that. So, thank you for bringing this topic to the forefront for discussion. We pledge to support it, and in your words “promote the longevity and sustainability of life.”

Sincerest Regards,
Todd Herring
Director of Marketing and Product Development

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