The Benefits of FXR Turnout Gear

FXR turnout gear is the only gear in the industry utilizing Active Posture Design™ (APD). Designed together with the world’s best rock climbing and extreme sports clothing designers, APD is a collection of design elements that are specifically designed to minimize firefighter stress and fatigue.

FXR Turnout Gear

Fire-Dex Construction

Quality construction is the key to superior garments! From pattern design to manufacturing and sewing methods, from seam construction to testing and inspections, Fire-Dex goes the extra mile to ensure you have the highest quality garment possible.

Custom Turnout Options

Fire-Dex offers a wide variety of options so you can customize your gear exactly how you need it. Check out FireWriter2 to see all of our available options and build your own set of gear.

Custom Fit Options

Fire-Dex Turnout Gear is fully customizable to fit every person, with Pattern Options to meet every body shape and completely custom coat lengths, sleeve lengths, and inseams.

To view all options and build your own custom turnout gear, visit FireWriter2.

Material Selection Guide

Fire-Dex offers the greatest variety of materials for custom turnout gear.

We proudly carry inventory from all major fabric mills, including TenCate, Safety Components, Nor-Fab, Stedfast, and Crosstech.

Emergency Egress & Bailout Options

Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Pants are available with many different options to accommodate any department’s bailout equipment preferences.

Choose between our Internal Pant Harness (IPH) or an External Harness Strap option to accommodate your harness of choice.

Fire-Dex has also engineered multiple Egress Pockets to hold descent devices and rope/webbing for the fastest deployment possible.


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