Firefighter Line of Duty Deaths

The Number One Cause of LODD in Firefighters

The number one cause of Line of Duty Deaths in the fire service is heat stress and cardiac fatigue. As reported by the NFPA, 59% of LODDs are a result of overexertion, stress and medical emergencies.

The mere act of getting ready to respond to a fire starts the flow of endorphins, heightens the senses, and begins a stressful process on the cardiovascular system. Additionally, structural firefighting gear is intrinsically thick and heavy with layers designed to protect the firefighter from direct flame and extreme heat, and as a result, contributes to the stresses and fatigues that a firefighter experiences.

Fire-Dex is committed to keeping firefighters safe. Our product enhancements and releases are designed and engineered with the firefighters who have perished from cardiovascular related failures and long-term exposure to carcinogens in mind.

Learn more about our recently released H1 Interceptor,  TECGEN PPE, and FXR turnout gear. This trifecta of products minimizes the short-term and long-term protection needs.

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