Virtual FDIC – Enter To Win the Interceptor Package™

Fire-Dex will introduce the Interceptor Package™ at FDIC. This package includes FXR, TECGEN PPE and an H41 Interceptor Hood.

Each day we will give away each element of the Interceptor Package™ in Booth 1823 at FDIC. Additionally, we are hosting an online, virtual FDIC event – open to all attending FDIC and to those who cannot join us in Indianapolis. On Thursday, May 4th, International Firefighters Day, we will award the complete Interceptor Package™ to one firefighter.

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6 comments on “Virtual FDIC – Enter To Win the Interceptor Package™

  1. I wear Firedex and Tecgen and love the product lines. I can only imagine the interceptor is an incredible set of gear!!!!

  2. I am just going to place an order for 10 sets of turnout gear. We are currently trying to get our whole deprtment into Fire-DEX. The Sidney Fire Department would be appreciative for any help.

  3. I have seen the tecgen hear and I am very impressed. As a. Fire Commmissioner and our departments Safety Officer I have been trying to get our people to look at other gear. Perhaps someone can help me show them there are other products out there besides Globe turnouts !

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