Congratulations – November Para-Dex™ EMS Gear Winner!

Congratulations to our November, Para-Dex™ EMS Gear made with TECGEN51 Fabric winner, Matthew Rector from the Mitchell Fire Department in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Para-Dex™ EMS Gear by Fire-Dex® offers a comfortable fit with a construction that is waterproof, breathable and bloodborne pathogen-resistant to protect you from line-of-duty hazards. Now available with TECGEN51 fabric; a unique blend of high-density TECGEN fibers and para-aramids that provides the perfect balance of flame-resistance, strength, thermal protection and breathability. This fabric is an industry phenomena proving superior TPP, RPP and breathability can exist within one material.

Didn’t win? No worries. Our Happy New Gear Giveaway is coming up next month with many opportunities to win Fire-Dex gear, including Particulate Blocking Hoods, TECGEN51 Fatigues, TECGEN71 and The Interceptor Package™.

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