Protection Beyond Flame Resistance

"This gave me the flexibility. I am able to move. I didn't get fatigued. If I got wet, I didn't get soaked. I didn't get any steam conditions and never had any issues with this gear. I gotta tell you in my 26 year career, this gear by far one of the best!"

- Dave Murphy, Wyckoff FD, NJ

"It’s a lot lighter than other gear that I have worn in the past 30 years in the fire service"

- Joey Alvarez, City of Maplewood FD, NJ 

"I am wearing it right now. I’m telling ya, I am in a room that’s gotta be at least 72° and I am not sweating"

- Chief Bobby Halton, FDIC International Education Director

There is a rising concern in the fire industry: heat stress.

So what is being done to reduce the risk it imposes on firefighters' cardiovascular long-term health?

Fire-Dex researched new technologies and has introducted TECGEN71, an exclusive outer shell designed to provide a perfect balance of comfort, breathability, TPP & THL – all while offering a reduction in composite weight!

Additional thermal protection from TECGEN fiber allows TECGEN71 to be paired with significantly lighter thermal liners and moisture barriers. This reduces the composite weight to be 20% LIGHTER than standard combinations.

Make the switch to TECGEN71 – the lightest, thinnest, most flexible, highest THL composites EVER in the fire service industry.