Personal Escape Systems & Bailout Solutions

When the situation arises that you need to use your bailout equipment in the field, you’re taking a “trust fall” in to your equipment’s hands.  That is why Fire-Dex works with industry experts to ensure all of our Emergency Egress Options will perform beyond your expectations.

Our first Emergency Egress innovation was the Internal Pant Harness (IPH), which soon after launch earned the Award of Excellence for Best Life Safety Innovation by Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment in 2009.


With the design of the original IPH also came our first Egress Pocket, the XPEG. Designed with a 14” rope pocket tucked away inside the pant, behind the outside pockets, the XPEG pocket was built on the same idea as the IPH - to keep the firefighter as low-profile as possible and minimizes catch points that could snag or tear the gear, or worse. We have since designed multiple other Egress Pockets to work with all leading descenders on the market, all of which come with the same 14” rope pocket inside, against the thigh. Each Egress Pocket is designed to securely hold the descent device specified along with a crosby or anchor hook and/or carabineer, keeping them easily accessible while preventing tangling. 

In addition to our IPH, we also offer multiple configurations of External Harness Straps to accommodate any industry Class II Harness or Ladder Belt. Our External Harness Straps can be added to any model of Fire-Dex Custom Turnout Gear; FXR, FXA, or FXM.  Visit the Egress Options tab on the turnout model’s page to learn more.

Next Generation IPH & Bailout Solutions

Fire-Dex is excited to be working on the next generation Internal Pant Harness, expected to launch later this year.

The new Internal Pant Harness will have the waist belt of the harness on the exterior of the pant and floating leg loops hidden in between the shell and liner system. Having the waist belt on the exterior allows the pant to open wider for easier donning and eliminates redundant pant closure, with the closing mechanism of the harness acting as the NFPA-required 2nd closure of the pant, keeping the user from having to close the pant 3x. The exterior waist belt has also allowed us to add a large, fixed carabineer on the A-frame, in addition to a floating D-ring. 

The floating leg loops will pull up into the correct position when the harness is under load and they have no metal or hardware that could wear on the pant liner or shell, or potentially become bothersome while working. 

With the new Internal Pant Harness, we have also developed our best Egress Pocket yet, that will securely hold leading manufacturers’ decent devices, and will still have all of the great features of our existing Egress Pockets, such as the 14” hidden rope pocket.